Barry C. Black
Chaplain of the U.S. Senate
Montse Alvarado
Executive Director, The Becket Fund
Alan Jacobs
Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at Baylor University
Mart Green
Board Chair of Hobby Lobby; Founder of Mardel Christian Supply and of Every Tribe Every Nation
Bryan loritts
President, Kainos Movement and Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Silicon Valley
Bobby Gruenewald
Founder, YouVersion Bible App and Innovation Leader at LifeChurch.tv
Michelle Sanchez
Executive Minister of Make and Deepen Disciples, Evangelical Covenant Church
Kristen McLean
Executive Director of Business Development, NPD Book
Charles Causey
Former senior Army chaplain for the Pentagon
David Barker
Senior Vice President of Sales for Readerlink Distribution Services and the President of ReaderLink Digital
Mark Batterson
Author and Lead Pastor of National Community Church
Roy Peterson
President & CEO, American Bible Society

What People Are saying

  • "Excellent speakers… Inspiration off the charts… Enjoyed the group discussion."

    David Morris
    VP and Publisher, HCCP
  • "A perfect balance of encouragement, enrichment, and high-level insights."

    Kim Shurley
    Director of CBA Sales, Group Publishing, Lifetree Division
  • "The speakers were truly great and the networking opportunities very valuable."

    Jeannette Taylor
    Marketing Director, Somersault Group
  • "I've been to a lot of events like this and I rate the Leadership Summit as one of the best. The quality of speakers, networking and thought leadership is second to none."

    Justin Paul Lawrence
    Director of Sales, InterVarsity Press
  • "It had a great focus on our mission as well as thought provoking presentations and helpful information. "

    Jeff Johnson
    President and COO, Tyndale House Publishers
  • "This was the best ECPA event I’ve been to. The connections made and the teachings were invaluable. "

    Cristopher Garrido
    Spanish Publisher, B&H Publishing Group
  • "This is what industry gatherings should be— thoughtful speakers and discussions, networking, encouraging and inspiring and challenging topics that are meaningful to us."

    Barbara Sherrill
    Executive Vice President/Publisher for the McKenzie Group, Harvest House Publishers
  • "Content was valuable and it was great to see industry experts/leaders in dialogue together."

    Doug Lockhart
    Senior Vice President of Bible Marketing and Outreach, HarperCollins Christian Publishing
  • "Leadership Summit was very valuable to me with information I was able to immediately share with my management team. I also met people that I will reach out to in order to help our business grow in the near future."

    Mark Teears
    CEO, New Growth Press
  • "Probably the most productive day and a half that I have spent in a long time. Very well run; great people."

    Brian Allain
    Executive Director, Frederick Buechner Center
  • "I love the concept of Leadership Summit, with its mix of information and inspiration plus networking opportunities."

    Brian Hampton
    Sr. VP & Publisher, HarperCollins Christian Publishers
  • "Leadership Summit is fantastic. The sessions are timely, conversations lively, and takeaways immediate!"

    Randall Payleitner
    Editorial Director, Moody Publishers
  • "Instructive, insightful, educational..."

    La Verne Tolbert
    VP Editorial, Urban Ministries, Inc.
  • "The content is excellent. The opportunities for networking are perfect."

    Michael LoRusso
    VP, LSC Communications
  • "Leadership Summit offers publishing leaders an opportunity to collaborate and stay informed on new processes, trends, and cultural movements."

    J.D. Bridges
    VP of Sales & Distribution, Reformation Trust Publishing
  • "The industry stats rock!"

    Lori Cloud
    VP of Marketing, HarperCollins Christian Publishers
  • "This was an excellent conference. Well organized, excellent schedule, great presenters, missional, business value, execution—all superb."

    Jennifer Lyell
    VP Trade Publishing, LifeWay Christian Resources/B&H Publishing
  • "The ECPA Leadership Summit offered an exceptional program for leaders of Christian publishers—stimulating speakers, a wealth of statistical data, the upbeat annual awards program, and multiple networking opportunities."

    Paul Hendrickson
    General Manager, Hendrickson Publishers
  • "Lots of excellent content, and plenty of good opportunities for connecting with peers. That's what it's all about."

    Sean Harrison
    President, Black Earth Group
  • "As a first time participant, I found the group welcoming and the sessions full of great information."

    Suzanne Wilson-Higgins
    Managing Director/CEO, Lion Hudson
  • "Great content. It's always good to find out what others in the industry are doing."

    Mark Taylor
    Chairman/CEO, Tyndale House Publishers

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