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  • Tuesday | May 3

    Registration Opens


    Welcome by Stan Jantz, Executive Director, ECPA

    As ECPA’s new executive director, Stan Jantz incorporates the unique perspective and experience of retailing, writing, and publishing. Passionate about our industry and its influence on the church and the broader Christian culture, he will set the tone for Leadership Summit by casting a compelling vision for Christian publishing as we continue to navigate uncharted territory.


    re:imagine leadership

    Canoeing the Mountains Part 1: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory

    Entering and navigating “uncharted territory” is not unique to Christian pubishing. It’s not even unique to our time. Our opening speaker, Tod Bolsinger, will explain that we’ve been here before—as an industry, as a church, and even as a nation. Tod is the vice president for Vocation and Formation and assistant professor of Practical Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He will draw principles from his new book, Canoeing the Mountains, to show how to reimagine leadership with new tools to meet the needs of this new cultural moment.

    Canoeing the Mountains Part 2: Recruiting from the Margins

    You’re going to see momentum building throughout Leadership Summit as we move from the big picture of where we are headed to the practical steps that will take us there. Tod will kick off this second morning session by focusing on trust. Leaders who take their organizations into uncharted territory with a new vision and new tools know how to establish trust so others will follow. Following Tod, Scott Sauls, senior minister of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, and the author of Jesus Outside the Lines, will offer a timely perspective on how to lead in the midst of conflict and resistance. Christian publishing leaders can set the example, both in their companies and through the books they publish, by seeking a way of truth and beauty in an increasingly polarized culture.


    Break sponsored by RR Donnelley


    re:imagine the church

    The mission of ECPA is to equip our members so they can more effectively make the Christian message more widely known. One of the most important channels for that message is the church. To sharpen as well as broaden our perspective, we have assembled a panel of leaders who will discuss ways to meet the spiritual needs of an increasingly diverse and global church. They will discuss what it means to publish for the church now and in the next 30 years. And they will invite you to consider what the church needs most from Christian publishers, as well as offer some specific strategies publishers can employ to connect and engage with churches.

    • Scott Evans, CEO & founder, Outreach, Inc.
    • Scott Sauls, Senior Minister, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville
    • Jeff Wright, CEO, Urban Ministries
    • Bob DeMoss, Vice President of Content Development and Integration, Focus on the Family




    The Christian Market Landscape: An Eco-System In Transition

    Over the last decade, the Christian Market has faced simultaneous shifts in technology, sales channel, and reader demographics that have had a deep impact on the way we do business. At the same time, we have seen the rise of tools like social media, direct-to-consumer strategies, and faith-based apps that have strengthened many people’s relationship to their faith, and given us unprecedented ways to communicate with our readers. In the first of two presentations from Nielsen, Nielsen Book Directors Kristen McLean & Greg Anastas will share key data drawn from across Nielsen’s many tools regarding the who, what, and where of our current business landscape, and how what we’re seeing now can help us make some smart decisions about where to focus our efforts for higher engagement with the Church, our Booksellers, and the larger Christian Market.

    • Kristen McLean, Director New Business Development, Nielsen Book
    • Greg Anastas, Director of Client Solutions for Nielsen Book


    re:imagine emerging leaders

    Leadership Summit is honored to have Ed Stetzer as a keynote speaker. Ed is the executive director of LifeWay Research, an author of several books, and a contributing editor for Christianity Today. As we enter uncharted territory and find our current and future readers, we also need to identify and develop those leaders who emerge in the next decade. We already know they will be much more diverse than the leaders of today, so how do we reach them so we can better reflect the culture we serve? Ed’s research will persuade you, and his heart for diversity will engage you.


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    Reaching and Recruiting Voices from the Margins

    There are some practical steps our industry can take to reach and recruit those voices who now exist on the margins of our industry. Trillia Newbell, director of Community Outreach, Ethics & Religious Liberty for the Southern Baptist Convention, will open this segment with stories and examples from her experience and book, United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity. You will be captivated by Trillia’s own quest to find the joy of diversity that aligns with God’s vision.

    Ed Stetzer will then moderate a panel discussion featuring some remarkable people who know from personal experience what healthy diversity looks like, whether it’s in our companies, the church, or the wider culture.

    • Bob Fryling, Publisher, InterVarsity Press
    • Caleb Kaltenbach, lead pastor for Discovery Church, author of Messy Grace
    • Trillia Newbell, author, United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity
    • Susan Ruszala, President, NetGalley


    Sessions Adjourn with Refreshment Mixer

    By this time you will hopefully be exhilarated rather than exhausted (or maybe a combination of both). That’s why we have scheduled a “Refreshment Mixer” immediately following the final session. This is your time to unwind, relax, and get to know your industry colleagues.


    Small plate dinner reception sponsored by Nielsen

    No more rubber chicken! Instead of filing into a room for yet another banquet, you will enjoy a creative and delicious dinner reception in a casual setting that will encourage conversation and networking.

    6:30pm - 8:00pm

    ECPA Awards Night Dessert

    Following dinner, we will gather together for ECPA’s annual Christian Book Awards® program, featuring an extravagant dessert. Popular national radio host Chris Fabry will be our speaker and emcee. In addition to working “behind the microphone,” Chris is also the author of several books, including the national bestseller, War Room. All of the award recipients, including the Chairperson’s Award and other Industry Milestones, will be announced. And you will learn about some significant new developments for 2017.

  • Wednesday | May 4

    Messy Grace

    You will not want to miss this eye-opening presentation from Caleb Kaltenbach, lead pastor for Discovery Church in Simi Valley, California, and the author of the new memoir, Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love Others Without Sacrificing Conviction. Caleb’s life and message show the need to live in the tension between grace and truth, where acceptance doesn’t mean approval, and where there are no exceptions to love.



    Discovery and Delivery as the Art of Solving Consumer Problems

    Mark Kuyper, executive director, Book Industry Study Group, knows ECPA and our membership better than anyone. Through his experience with ECPA and now BISG, Mark has a compelling message we all need to hear: Readers have more options for consuming content than ever before. He will explain how publishers are using technology to solve problems for readers and are continuing to create opportunities for discovery and greater engagement throughout the book ecosystem.


    What Do Our Customers Look Like Now, And What Will They Look Like in The Future?

    Who reads Christian books? What are they reading? How are they reading, and how is the face of our readership changing? Where are the biggest opportunities for engaging those who will be the most prominent practitioners of the Christian faith in the next 5, 10, and even 30 years. In the second of two presentations from Nielsen, Nielsen Book Directors Kristen McLean & Greg Anastas will draw on Nielsen’s 2015 Segmentation Study of the Christian Book Consumer Market, as well as other demographic research to give us an intimate picture of our readership, and push us to put our customer in the center of a strategy that thinks expansively about what the future holds for our business.

    • Kristen McLean, Director New Business Development, Nielsen Book
    • Greg Anastas, Director of Client Solutions for Nielsen Book


    Break sponsored by RR Donnelley


    The Great Book Debate of 2016

    Publishing used to be fairly simple and straightforward because there was just one format and just a handful of channels for the distribution and sales of books and resources. But that was then and this is now: There are many formats available to the average reader, and most readers are format agnostic. They will choose the format and find the channel that offers the most convenience and value for a particular need. So which format and what channel is the best?

    We have brought together a diverse and distinguished panel of publishing insiders who will represent and speak on behalf of the various formats and channels available to our readers. They will explore—and you will have an opportunity to offer your insights into—the unique opportunities and capabilities for each format and channel available to publishers for content delivery. Unlike our political system, maybe it’s not about who wins, but about ways publishers can create solutions for readers.

    • Larry Bennett, Executive Director, Nord Compo North America
    • Kelly Gallagher, VP of Content Acquisition, Ingram Content Group
    • Gretchen Goldsmith, President & CEO, Rose Publishing, Inc./Aspire Press
    • Joshua Tallent, Director of Outreach and Education, Firebrand Technologies
    • Cory Verner, President & Publisher, christianaudio and christianaudio.com


    Annual ECPA Membership Meeting


    Lunch sponsored by Ingram


    It's a Hybrid World: Helping Authors Discover Readers

    We are delighted to have Chantal Restivo-Alessi as the closing speaker for Leadership Summit. As the Chief Digital Officer and Executive VP, International for HarperCollins Publishers, Chantal is a thought leader in the global publishing community. When it comes to print and digital publishing, she is not an “either/or” advocate. Consumers live in a “hybrid world,” so it’s vital that publishers develop and stick to a strategy that incorporates the best of both formats and their variants. Furthermore, Chantal will share her thoughts about what it takes to reach and engage readers, including ways to enlist the help of our authors, who are most directly connected to those who read their books.

    Following her presentation, you will be invited to participate in a time of Q&A with Chantal.


    Leadership Summit Adjourns


    Ingram Tour

    Attendees are invited to a Tour of the Ingram Facility in nearby La Vergne after the Leadership Summit adjourns. Sign up here.

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